There's so much unnecessary suffering in the world...

 Resilience training can help change that.


Our vision is to transform the landscape of mental health.

Our goal is not to simply disrupt. We want to fundamentally shift attitudes away from health and disease towards mental fitness and performance. 

Life is stressful.

Everyone can benefit from building resilience.

Everyone talks about physical fitness. Why not mental fitness?

Just as you can go to the gym to strengthen your body, you can leverage the power of neuroplasticity to gain mental resilience. Your brain has "mental muscles" too!

At Air, we urgently want the message of mental fitness to reach the world. During uncertain times, a pathologized outlook on mental health is insufficient. We all are all human; we experience grief, loss, rejection, anger, sadness... etc.

We all need mental fitness to live our best lives.

And that's why we're here.

Let's Walk!

The Team

Dr. Jackie Kinley, MD

Founder, President and Air Faculty Lead

Andrea Carew

Air Faculty

Tony Case

Air Faculty

Tabatha Thibault

Research and Measurement

Kyle Milley

Market and Product Development

Monica Cooke

Office Manager and Operations

AJ Case

Sales and Outreach

Sophie Kinley

Marketing and Course Coordinator

Gord Cooper

Business Advisor

Barbara Campbell

Strategy Advisor

Colin Conrad

Technology Advisor